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How Do You Write A Letter of Application? If you are applying for a job, here's one way to do it!

By Moderator | 1 September 2019 | Careers


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1. Begin with your address usually written to the top right corner of the sheet/screen.

2. This is followed by the date the letter is being written, usually in the format: Day Month (in words) Year.

3. Next write the position of the person you are addressing the letter to, e.g. To: The Personnel Manager. This is usually written to the left and below the previous segment.

4. This is followed by the name of the organization the addressee represents.

5. Next write Dear sir/madam.

6. Below this and to the center of the page, write A Letter of Application for the Position of ... Replace ... with the position you are interested in.

7. After this, most letters of application in Nigeria appear to begin with "I humbly apply". Where people get the impression that they're humble is baffling. But since this is the language most Nigerians appear to understand, it might be best to maintain the status quo: I hereby humbly apply for the position of ...

8. Say why you are applying for the position based on your qualifications and work experience.

9. Say what contributions you hope to make to the establishment.

10. Express the hope that the application would be favorably received and state that you look forward to it.

11. Thank the addressee for their time.

12. The official ending to a formal letter used to be Yours Faithfully. It is unclear if it still remains so. To be on the safe side, stick with Yours faithfully. Then sign and state your name and phone number underneath.

Are this is one way to write a job application letter.

How do you do?

HowDoU9ja - Nigeria's No. 1 DIY Site - Welcome!

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