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How Do You Survive A Breakup? Here are some ways to!

By Moderator | 4 September 2019 | Relationships

Breaking Up

Image Source: TherapyWithStephanie

1. Choose to be happy.

2. Engage in a sport, or an exercise routine, you enjoy.

3. Stop ALL interaction with that person, especially responding to "Hi!" messages.

4. Block the person if need be, particularly when they are obviously trying to maintain some form of contact with you.

5. Keep your mind engaged in nourishing activities like reading motivational quotes/work, watching comedies (avoid romance) and playing word games.

6. Interact more with people, e.g. by doing more volunteer work and having lunch with colleagues or friends.

7. If you want to cry, cry. Don't hold it in.

8. Keep busy. Do housework. Engage in more creative projects, like writing, art and crafts and basically creating stuff.

9. Find another living thing to put your love into.e.g. pets, plants or even children. Avoid getting into another romantic relationship too soon - at least for 3 months.

10. Find out what your religion prescribes for situations like this.

11. Do research. Find out what others in a similar situation did to achieve peace of mind.

12. Trust in your heart that you will find love again.

And these are ways to survive a breakup.

How do you?

HowDoU9ja - Nigeria's No. 1 DIY Site - Welcome!

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