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How Do You Set Your YouTube Channel or Video's Audience? As a YouTube creator, you are required to set future and existing videos as made for kids or not. To do so, follow these simple steps:

Last Updated: 18 December 2019

16 November 2019 | Internet

How Do You Set Your YouTube Channel Audience?

#01. Go to PlayStore.

Go to the YouTube Studio app on Google Play Store.

#02. Click Video.

Click on the video you want to edit.

#03. Edit.

Click the Edit icon (it looks like a pencil).

#04. Click on Advanced Settings.

#05. Made for Kids?

Under Audience you will see "Is this video made for kids? (required)". Choose the relevant option.

#06. Click Save.

#07. Set Entire Audience.

What if you want to Set your entire YouTube Channel's Audience? You have to sign in to >studio.youtube.com via PC. Or set your web browser to Desktop.

#08. Settings.

Click Settings in the left menu.

#09. Advanced Settings.

Follow the Channels>Advanced Settings>Audience path.

#10. Click Save.

#11. Check Studio.

Check the YouTube Studio app to confirm if this change has been reflected in all your videos by clicking each video and checking the Advanced Settings.

#12. Set Age Limit - Or Not.

Check if you'd like to restrict your videos to those above 18. There's an option for that there but it's not a requirement.

And that's one way to Set your YouTube Channel or Video's Audience.

How Do You?
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