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How Do You See Mutual Followers on Instagram? Similar to Facebook mutual friends, Instagram does show mutual followers you have with someone on their profile.

26 November 2019 | Internet

How to See Mutual Followers on Instagram

Image Source: TechUntold

To See Mutual Followers on Instagram:

#01. Visit Instagram:

Go to your Instagram Profile. You can do this by clicking the icon you see in the shape of a person. There you will see the number of people following you and the number of people you follow. However, it won’t show users that you both are following and the ones that follow you both.

#02. Get InstaMutual:

To do this, you will need to install InstaMutual for Android. The app is not available on Play Store. Ignore the message that says it may harm your device.

#03. Launch InstaMutual:

After successfully installing the app, click Login With Instagram. Logging into your account will take you to ... Oops! InstaMutual doesn't seem to be working anymore. Maybe it works for you. If it does, Search for the friend in question. Under their profile, you should be able to see Mutual Followers.

Plan B: Using Facebook's Mutual Friends

Having a look at mutual friends can give you a clear idea if you know someone before you hit that approve button on a follow request.

#01. Visit Instagram:

The first page to appear will be the Home Page. Look at the first name that appears there aside from yours. Does this person look familiar? Is he/she a Facebook friend?

#02. Check Facebook:

If you recognize them as a friend on Facebook then go there and determine how many friends you have in common. To make things easier for you, you can try searching their Instagram name. If that doesn't work, search for part of the name. If you already know their name, then all the better.

#03. Benchmark:

How many friends should you have in common? Check your list of friends and find the one you have the highest number of mutual friends with. Let that be your benchmark. Let everyone else go - unless they are people you already have pictures in common with. You can determine that via the See Friendship feature you find visiting the person's profile.

The decision to unfriend is up to you, all things considered. Bottom line: Are you after quality or quantity?

#04. Unfollow:

If quality is what you want, and your Instagram follower is a friend on Facebook who doesn't meet the benchmark, why not let them go? That way you can control the number of people who have access to you online. The option to unfollow can easily be found in the person's profile.

Blocking the person may be a drastic step to take to stop them following you. What if they reach the benchmark tomorrow?

#05. Repeat:

If you have the time, follow Plan B till you have comfortably edited your follower list. This method will finally make it easy for you to know how many friends you have in common with someone else by simply going to their Facebook page.

If you are living in Nigeria, then security should be of paramount concern to you, what with the spate of kidnappings. Giving away too much of yourself online is not a good idea in Nigeria.

If you don't have the time, then follow Plan B anytime you happen to login to your Instagram account.

And these are two ways to See Mutual Followers on Instagram.

How Do You?

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