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How Do You Quit Facebooking? Here are some suggestions to guide you:

By Moderator | 8 September 2019 | Internet

Say No to Facebook

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1. Ask yourself, "Why am I really on Facebook?" If you can't find a satisfactory answer to this question, continue reading.

If you can, still read anyway 'cause you might learn something.

2. Find something besides yourself to pour your love into, preferably a living thing.

3. Deactivate your Facebook account - don't delete it. Some useful apps demand that you have a Facebook account. Besides what of all those pictures? Don't select the option to Keep the Messenger app. Uninstall both the Facebook app and Messenger app from your phone, as well. A better alternative to Facebook Messenger is WhatsApp. Maybe that's why Facebook bought it.

4. Limit yourself to just one social media site and one social media app, like Twitter and Whatsapp. The rest are not necessary. They just take up space and occupy your attention unduly. Twitter is great for getting local news and WhatsApp is great for maintaining contact with people within your immediate sphere of existence. The emphasis is local news is 'cause why bother about what's happening in the rest of the world when it's enough trouble figuring out what's happening in your own country? Too much information can become a distraction.

5. Upload your pictures to Google Drive instead, particularly those of that which you have found to pour your love into.

6. Post pictures less, if at all. Write more - if you feel you must post something.

7. Get creative in your free time. Do that creative thing you really love doing but you never had time for because of Facebook. There is at least one creative thing you enjoy doing, even when you are really hungry, that makes you lose track of time.

8. Try blogging about that thing.

9. Pay less attention to posts people make about themselves and more attention to motivational quotes, funny videos and informative posts.

10. When your phone battery runs out, switch off your phone and charge it. Focus on that living thing you're pouring your love into.

11. Try volunteer work, if you have the time. Giving loving service takes one's attention away from one's self. It makes you remember that life is not always about you.

12. Once in awhile ask yourself, "Does my life feel incomplete without the constant approval of others?" You may say No. But if you feel a burning desire most times to put up images of yourself so that other people can come and see and applaud you, then maybe the answer is Yes.

And these are some suggestions as to how you can quit Facebooking.

How do you?

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