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How Do You Make Paper Mache? Here's one way to do it!

By Moderator | 1 September 2019 | Crafts

       Paper Mache

                 Image Source: Funlittles

1. Cut newspapers into little pieces.

2. Place in a large bowl or plastic bucket.

3. Soak in hot water overnight.

4. The following day check the consistency of the soaked newspapers using your hands.

5. Leave soaked for longer if necessary until it looks and feels like oatmeal.

6. You can also use a blender to speed things up.

7. Try to get as many lumps out of the pulp as possible.

8. Squeeze out as much water as possible when smooth enough.

9. Add a few tablespoons of salt to help hamper mold.

10. Mix with enough starch or glue till you get a sufficiently sticky consistency. Be sure to use your hands.

11. You can store your pulp in the refrigerator or in an airtight bowl or bag till you’re ready to use it.

12. Paper mache can be used to make so many things including masks, figuirines, sculptures and ornaments.

And that’s one way to do it!

How do you?

HowDoU9ja - Nigeria's No. 1 DIY Site - Welcome!

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