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How Do You Make Blogging Fun For Yourself? It can start to feel like hard work after awhile, so what do you do to keep the flame alive? Here are some suggestions:

Last Updated: 28 December 2019

17 November 2019 | Internet

How Do You Make Blogging Fun For Yourself?

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#01. Interest Matters:

Focus on writing about things that interest you. Be sure to pick a topic that actually interests you. A lack of enthusiasm from the writer can kill a blog post like nothing else can.

#02. Knowledge Matters:

Focus on things that you can write about mostly off the top of your head. Writing off the top of your head is kind of liberating. Try it. Then you can edit what you have written based on research.

#03. Take A Break:

Take time off blogging, to do something fun and new, like learning a new language. There are great apps on Google Play for that. Here are some other suggestions for doing something fun and new.

#04. Have Limits:

Focus on only one blog for awhile. Do away with those you've been wasting your energy on for years. Or reinvent them - later. Whatever you decide, pace yourself. Taking on too much at a time can become a problem.

#05. Blogging Timetable:

Schedule blog posts. Pace yourself. Four to six times a month is good. Blogging too frequently can make you run out of steam. Besides you need time to promote your posts - a lot of time.

#06. Become Inspired:

Read inspirational books and/or watch motivational videos. Here are some other suggestions as to how to become inspired. If you're feeling stuck and uninspired, take comfort in the fact that it happens to everyone from time to time.

#07. Blogging Material:

Learn something new, especially something that's going to help you with your blog. Apply it to your blogging routine. An example of something you could learn is HTML, if you haven't already. It will give you greater control of your blog, particularly if it is one you did not create from scratch.

#08. Blogging Mentor:

Find a role model - another blogger whose posts you enjoy. Draw inspiration and fresh ideas from their posts. Try not to copycat. Use your own words.

#09. Be of Service:

Let the needs of your readers come first. Try to solve problems with your posts without making them tedious. Notice how bored you get when you come to a very long post about something you are trying to solve? You quickly skip that and look for one that gets to the point in the quickest possible time. Still, content matters. If it's too sketchy, you yourself may not like the way it looks when you go through your own post.

#10. Graphics Matter:

Use relevant and interesting image(s). A picture tells a thousand words. Too many though will clash with your ads. If you don't have much content, one or two images should be enough.

#11. Network:

Connect with other bloggers from time to time. Comment on their posts. Send them emails. Share their posts.

#12. Hire:

If you find you cannot do everything yourself anymore, seek help. Outsource. Pay others to help with your blog.

And these are some ways to Make Blogging Fun For Yourself.

How Do You?


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