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How Do You Know If You Need To Go On A Diet? Here are some ways to know!

By Moderator | 30 August 2019 | Health

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1. Ill-fitting Clothes: Your clothes don't fit you anymore. You find yourself buying bigger clothing - preferably those that will let in more air!

2. Inner Thigh Chafing: You feel bruises on your inner thighs because they keep rubbing up against each other. This is because there's no barrier between them. To minimize this friction, you resort to using powders and/or wearing shorts or tights. You didn't used to do this before.

3. High BMI: Body Mass Index (BMI) is a person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of their height in meters. If your BMI is 30 or higher, you are overweight. It's probably time to go on a diet.

4. Nudity Shy: You are uncomfortable with the sight of your naked body in the mirror. Well, this may be a problem for most women, if not men. But if the sight of you naked starts to revolt you, maybe it's because you're putting on more weight. Either that or you're getting old! And what of it? Old age shall come for us all, God willing.

5. Constant Fatigue: You're tired all the time - more than you used to be. Constant daytime drowsiness and fatigue can be signs of obesity. You can look it up.

6. Inconveniencing Others: You take up more space in a vehicle. You expect others to shift, whereas you're the one who needs to lose weight. Next time you feel the need to ask someone to shift, find out first if the person really has anywhere else to go. Maybe you are the problem.

7. Constantly Out of Breath: You can't climb up a flight of stairs without panting. You can't cover a short distance on foot without sweating. You struggle to breathe. Your lungs have to provide extra storage places for the extra fat, and that reduces the exchange of oxygen. The excess fat makes it difficult for the rib cage to expand. It leaves less space for the diaphragm to move downward as it should. You huff and puff to perform the simplest daily tasks. Things you could do easily before seem to require more effort than usual on your part.

8. Change in Clothing Items: Tights or shorts have become a necessity for you. See No. 2 above. You also feel the need to wear corsets to tuck in that bulging gut!

9. Increase in Size: You look twice your former size in pictures. You tell yourself it's because you're getting older so it's natural to look that way. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not but how many of your age mates look that way?

10. Bending down is a challenge: So is tying or buckling your shoes. You struggle to do many other basic things, like trimming your toenails. You have to pay for pedicures most times because reaching your feet has become an ordeal. You prefer slip on shoes. Shedding some pounds would make many physical tasks easier for you.

11. Too Heavy to Lift: The thought of lapping or carrying you in anyway is a frightening prospect for most. Imagine a love interest trying to carry you, be it as a romantic gesture, or during sex. If you're a man, don't kid yourself. Being on top won't be a good idea. Many women like that but once in awhile, she's got to take a breather right?

12. Double chins and sagging skin: You have flabby upper arms, pendulous jowls, your butt falls and your gut hangs over your waist line. With weight loss, most or all of this extra meat disappears.

By the way, if you're thinking this writer is just being nasty - been there and done that. Excess fat is not fun to carry. Unless of course it is for you. In that case, carry on!

And these are some ways to know if you need to go on a diet!

How Do You?

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