How Do You Handle Facebook Boost Post Notifications?

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Notifications from the Facebook Boost Post feature can become a pain, particularly when you don't have the money.

In all fairness, the Facebook Boost Post cost is not much.

If you don't believe it, try advertising on Twitter.

For Facebook Boost Post tips, you have come to the wrong place.

BUT, you will however learn of an alternative to that feature that will cost you nothing.

In summary, this is about Facebook Boosted Post vs Like4Like.

It's about how to stop Boost Post on Facebook.

"I accidentally boosted a post on Facebook", you may also say.

Well, next time, this is what you do ...

#01. Visit Facebook:

Click on the particular notification, let it take you to the Boost Post page where the manner in which the post will be advertised, would first be presented to you for your perusal. Unless you want to spend money, which you probably are yet to make - ignore them.

#02. Visit Page:

Just go yourself to the particular post in question by clicking Back to Page. Copy the link to the post, if you are interested in promoting it yourself. Otherwise just stop at No. 1 above. For now, Facebook doesn't give you the option to stop those notifications from appearing on your homepage. This is about making lemonade out of lemons, using Facebook's notifications as reminders to promote your posts yourself.

#03. Visit Like4Like:

One of the best ways to do that is via Like4Like. It won't cost you money, only time - unless you're willing to pay for it - with guaranteed results.

#04. Join Like4Like:

Once you become a member of Like4Like, you have the option of earning credits(coins) or buying them in order to drive traffic to your link. These links are just not limited to Facebook. Like4Like covers most of the social media networks.

#05. Add and Manage Tasks:

There's a page on Like4Like for that. There you enter the link you want to promote under the appropriate category. In this case, you choose Facebook Likes, Shares or Comments. There's an option for videos as well. There's even an option to target your audience.

#06. Earn Or Buy Credits:

After saving the appropriate options, go to the Earn Credits page. There you will find various options for earning credits that will be automatically used to drive traffic to your link and perform whatever tasks you have chosen.

You also have the option to buy credits if you don't have the time to earn them.


Use social media accounts you are prepared to risk losing, particularly your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The probability of being blocked for spamming activity is high. Those guys don't mess around. Twitter is the strictest.


View Facebook videos and YouTube videos. Click YouTube Subscribes, Likes and Comments, Pinterest Saves and Followers. There are also other options available, including Website Viewing.

Compare results with what you would have gotten Boosting Your Post via Facebook.

And that's one way to Handle Facebook's Boost This Post Notifications.

How Do You?

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