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HowDoU9ja - Nigeria's No. 1 DIY Site - Welcome!

How Do You Get People To Join Your Site? If you are an up and coming site, here are a few ways to do it!

By Moderator | 7 September 2019 | Internet

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1. Share yours links on your Status, e.g. on WhatsApp.

2. Comment or Post in Forums that have a high population of your target audience, such as Nairaland.

3. Look for other users of your Comments plugin, e.g. Disqus, and comment on their sites.

4. Advertise on high traffic sites like Chateko, which is relatively cheap compared to Nairaland. You need a minimum of N20000 to advertise on Nairaland. Difficult to do if you're an up and coming site.

5. Share your links with a relative or a close friend.

6. Google about sites like yours so that you may go and post about your site on theirs.

7. Increase the SEO Rating of your site using a tool such as this.

8. Create compelling headlines for your web pages.

9. Post content to LinkedIn.

10. Try email marketing.

11. Make your site user friendly and especially mobile-user friendly.

12. The faster your site loads, the better. Make sure your site is fast. Or people won't want to visit it.

And these are some ways to get people to join your site.

How do you?

HowDoU9ja - Nigeria's No. 1 DIY Site - Welcome!

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