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How Do You Delete Your YouTube Account/Channel? You can choose to temporarily hide content on your channel or permanently delete your channel. Here's one way to do it!

By Moderator | 25 November 2019 | Internet

How Do You Delete Your YouTube Account/Channel?

Image Source: TechBoomers

To temporarily hide content on your channel:

#01. Visit Channel:

Go to the YouTube channel you want to hide. You can do this via YouTube Studio.

#02. Visit Video:

Go to the video you want to hide.

#03. Edit:

Click the pencil icon.

#04. Make Private:

Scroll down till you come to Privacy. Click and Select Private. Click Save.

You can go back and undo this at anytime.

What if you want to temporarily hide everything on your channel?

For this, it is better to visit the desktop version of YouTube Studio.

#01. Edit Settings:

Click Settings in the left menu. Follow the Channels>Advanced Settings path.

#02. Delete or Hide Channel:

Scroll down there. You will find the Delete or Hide Channel option. Clicking on the link will take you to the Sign in - Google Accounts window. From there, you will be taken to the page where you can choose to either Delete or Hide your channel. Choose whichever option you want - after careful consideration.

And that's one way to Delete Your YouTube Account/Channel.

How Do You?

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